Our Mission

Alaskans deserve – and want – fair, highly qualified judges who follow the law, serve with integrity, and remain independent of political pressures in their decision-making.  We are committed to a judicial system that guarantees all Alaskans equal justice under the law.  Alaskans for Fair Courts provides nonpartisan information to all Alaskans about the quality of Alaska’s judiciary and its judicial retention process. We will support and defend Alaska’s fair and independent judiciary.

Why It Matters

The most important expectation Alaskans have of our courts is that judges will treat everyone fairly, protect due process, and guarantee equal justice for all – by following the law. Alaskans need to protect the independence of our judiciary so that our judges can make decisions based only on the law and disregard pressure from partisan or other special interests attempting to control their decision-making.

Justice is the safe harbor that all of us seek when we find ourselves in a storm - whatever our political stripe. How would it feel to any of us to enter that harbor only to find out that our political views will determine whether we are protected? Support Fair and Impartial Courts and join me.

Bill GordonFormer Member, Alaska Judicial Council and Republican Businessman, Fairbanks

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Who We Are

We are Alaskans who believe that justice should not be for sale, that judges should be selected and retained on the basis of merit, and that the framers of the Alaska Constitution got it right when they kept politics out of the courtroom.

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